Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Bug zapper power supply

I have a $4 bug zapper that uses two AA batteries for a voltage source. I've measured the output voltage before to about 1.4kV and today I decided to measure the power supply operating frequency and ripple amplitude. Here's the bug zapper with an improvised high-pass filter and my trusty pocket scope standing by:

Hey, this actually works! Notice the hands-free high-tech solution for keeping the bug zapper on while I fiddled with scope settings:

And a close up of the scope:

So the operating frequency is a disappointingly low 18.8kHz, but the ripple amplitude is an impressively low ±30mV riding on 1.4kV DC. A modified bug-zapper booster design for neon glow lamps definitely seem worth revisiting down the road, but for now I'll stick to refining the voltage-multiplier version.

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